AfterTech, Inc.
Responsible Recycling Resource 
Computer and Related Electronics since 2006

Services Currently Offered:

* Responsible Recycling for Obsolete Technology 

* Sensitive Data, IT Asset, Media Sanitation & Destruction

* In House Certification (Free of charge) or Third Party Data Wipe Certification ($15-$20 per hard drive)

* Residential computer & electronics recycling (drop offs accepted) 

 DROP OFFS: We started offering the free drop off of items needing recycling after receiving so many requests from local residents. Although not our primary market or business, we are happy to be of service to the local community and environment by recycling residential obsolete or broken electronics.NO TVs or CRTs Please.

  PICK UPS: We can provide pick up service for local residents for a small fee, locally usually $35-$50, depending on location; payable at time of service via cash, company check or Credit Cart / PayPal.

 TV's & CRT's: Currently we are taking a break from and getting caught up on  an overwhelming amount of  TV and CRT recycling. We hope to resume this service soon.

Commercial Pick Ups:  Free of charge with minimum of one pallet (about 500lbs or 25 computer towers or comparable). 

        Please feel free to contact us with any questions about what might be considered comparable or for a price quote if you do not meet the minimum requirement.

Recycle Drives for Organization/Business/Community:   Available Free of Charge; time and weather permitting

    ****(Note: We reserve the right to charge under some  few circumstances to keep the rest of our services free of charge.  These few circumstances might include all, only, many  or some LCD models or sizes, CRT's which are dangerous and labor intensive to de-manufacture; all, only or many printers; or Televisions.)                                                                                                                                                        

AfterTech, Inc.  is happy to provide references upon request for any of our services.

AfterTech's Mission:   

To make safe, easy and affordable for everyone, the recycling of  hazardous, harmful  and obsolete technology!

AfterTech's Vision: 

 A world where reducing, re-using, or recycling all technology is common place. 

(Ir)Regular Office Hours:

Office/Recycling drop off hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

(If after hours, please leave items needing recycling near our front door. 

We will process them upon returning.)

Closed for lunch Noon to 1:00 pm
Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm 
Sunday Closed Unless Pre-arranged
We are happy to work with your schedule upon request.
After hour drop off of items for recycle are available near our front door which is monitored by security cameras. 
 ***(We started offering the free drop off of items needing recycling after receiving so many requests from local residents. Although not our primary market or business, we are happy to be of service to the local community and environment by recycling residential obsolete or broken electronics.NO TVs or CRTs Please.)

Address & Contact:
1429 N Rockwell Ave, Ste A
Oklahoma City, OK  73127
Tel/Text: (405) 658-6404
                (405) 774-0855
Website:  AfterTech.net
Email:  Recycle@AfterTech.net

AfterTech is the Leading No Charge Recycling Resource for Oklahoma School Districts and other non-profits.
For over ten years we have safely and securely picked up, recycled, sanitized, destroyed and insured the safety of the sensitive data on computers and other IT technology from these organizations at no cost to them. 
We recycle and perform data wipes for individuals, organizations, communities, events, projects, businesses, wherever we are needed!
Contact us today!:
 Below are a few examples of the packages we have picked up and recycled over the years:
Benefits of recycling with AfterTech:
  • No cost/Low cost Pick Ups, Recycling and Data Wipes. *Some hazardous waste can only be disposed of at hazardous landfill sights which do charge. This information can be found at the DEQ or EPA sites online. For this reason, we reserve the right to charge or to pass on only a large amount of CRT's or TV's or similar.
  • Always no Charge Pick Ups and Recycling for Schools, Churches, Faith based entities and possibly other extenuating circumstances.
  • We can provide a Certificate of Recycle and Data Destruction/Media Disposition according to NIST  HIPAA Compliant/, free of charge.
  • A copy of our in house audit/inventory is $1.00 per item for those wishing it.
  • Third party certification of hard drive data wipes is only $15 - $20 per hard drive (3 pass using zeros or other digits); depending on volume.  We can pick up the hard drives or you can deliver them, whichever method of transporting them is easiest for you. We may charge a small fee for picking them up. Data wipes performed at your location will incur additional charges depending on location, number of hard drives, etc. We use only top rated third party certification companies (primarily Blanco or White Canyon) depending on your needs. We will advice in advance of which company we are using or you may let us know your preference.
  • We do always provide an Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement (Insurance against sensitive data leaks for your peace of mind. We have never had a leak due to our extensive data wipe and destruction processes.)
  • We do not require an inventory or for your items to be palatalized for us to pick up for you. We do only need enough information to determine what size truck(s), trailer(s) and crew to send. We usually hand pack our trailers for you unless you have a fork lift and prefer to palatalize your equipment and then use your forklift to place the pallets in our trailer(s).
  • We do all the packing and moving. *Occasionally we must request packing material be supplied on very large jobs.
  • We recycle a wide range of equipment and materials.
  • We provide Data wipes and/or Hard Drive destruction according to NIST / DOD / HIPAA standards. 
  • Free drop off for recycling is now available at our office. Please call ahead for large drop offs! If after hours recycling may be left at the front door. .

 ***(We started offering the free drop off of items needing recycling after receiving so many requests from local residents. Although not our primary market or business, we are happy to be of service to the local community and environment by recycling residential obsolete or broken electronics.NO TVs or CRTs Please.)

AfterTech, Inc. Recycling Services:


Recycling of Computer Equipment  is an important yet time consuming part of most any business. Let us do the hard work for you responsibly. We ensure keeping as much e-waste out of landfills as possible per our 'No Landfill Policy.' 


We can arrange for a pickup of your computer equipment to be recycled and/or destroyed at a convenient time/location for you. We  provide our own pick up crew. We can provide a copy of the audit of your equipment for a small fee ($1.00 item). We do not charge for the in house Certificate of Recycle/Media Disposition. We offer third party data wipes for $15 - $20 depending on Volume (3 pass re-written with 0's or other numerical digits) via top certifying companies (primarily Blanco / White Canyon depending on your needs) We will advice before erasure of which company we are using or you may state your preference . 

We can not accept TV's or CRT's at this time. However, we do recognize the need for TV recycling and hope to again resume our programs for them soon. 

(Donations are helpful to keeping our services free of charge from  the cost of very labor intensive, dangerous de-manufacturing of CRT's and TV's when applicable. We make donating easy via PayPal; donate@aftertech.net.) 

**We are currently unable to pick up from locations with more than a few steps or up many flights of elevators/stairs unless pre-approved or arranged due to insurance stipulations. Please have all equipment needing recycled brought to a location before hand near a loading dock or loading location where our trucks and trailers have easy access. Please remember, this is a free service for most companies. We do not make a lot of money doing this. Please help us to help you by having your surplus electronics ready for us to pick up at an easily accessible location. If this is NOT possible, please be prepared to pay a packing and moving fee which will be determined on a case by case basis payable at time of service via cash, company check or PayPal.

We break machines or monitors down to board level in our Oklahoma City warehouse and recycle them at the appropriate Oklahoma refineries. We request a minimum of one pallet per pick up to qualify for our free of charge pick up (about 25 computers). Contact us for a quote to have your equipment picked up if it does not qualify for our free of charge pick up. Fees range between $35-$50 local and up further out statewide. Call for more information, to arrange a pick up, to get an estimate or a ROI (return on investment) for your newer quantities of equipment or notify us of an auction you would like us to attend and/or bid on.

Cell Tel/Text: (405) 774-0855;  Cell Tel/Text: (405) 658-6404


Recycling Computer Equipment is the primary focus of our business. When our pick up crew comes to your location, they work quickly, neatly and thoroughly; are sensitive to your working environment. Our dress code is business casual. If you have specific needs for our crew while at your location, please advise us in advance. We will always do our best to accommodate your business codes while picking up your obsolete technology. Please have equipment ready for our drivers near the pick up location. We do not climb steps or take elevators unless possibly pre-arranged under certain circumstances.
Never have we leaked sensitive data. All hard drives are wiped, drill pressed and melted down with like metals at the refinery. We use the NIST Publication 800-88 Revision 1 Guidelines for Media Sanitization as our guide for how to sanitize and destroy electronic media. You can view and download a copy of this publication here. We can provide a Certificate of Recycle stating how your equipment was or will be recycled. Or we can provide third party certified data wipes by a refutable and secure company.
We provide a Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement  for your protection and peace of mind stating once picked up, we are completely legally and financially responsible for the sensitive data on your obsolete equipment. This also doubles as our pick up agreement showing chain of custody.
We can e-mail you an example Indemnity Agreement/Pick Up Agreement or Certificate of Recycle ahead of time upon request.
Please call for more information, to arrange a pick up, get an estimate/bid for your equipment or pick up if applicable, notify us of your upcoming auction or to co-ordinate a recycling event/drive. Cell Tel/Text: (405) 774-0855;  Cell Tel/Text: (405) 658-6404


AfterTech, Inc. accepts for recycling the following and more:
Please feel free to contact us at recycle@aftertech.net with any further questions or comments:

* Computer Towers, Racks, Servers  

* Laptops  

* CRT, LCD  Monitors

* Computer Parts

* Networking 

* Phone Systems 

* Printers/Copiers 

* Cables  

* Projectors  

* Mice & Keyboards

* Peripherals

* Pumps

* Large/Small Medical Equipment

* Large/Small Laboratory Equipment

* Industrial & Commercial Equipment

* Service Trucks 

* Large Office Equipment 

* Air Conditioners

* Anything Metal

              * MORE              



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