Asset Liquidations

AfterTech Asset Liquidations & Computer Recycling 
Liquidates / Buys / Sells / Recycles E-Waste / Donates for You!
Hello to all the rest of the country from Oklahoma
and Hello to all our local companies with large, national operations!
This page is for You; our High Volume and/or High Quality Asset Customers
Locally and Nationally
We are AfterTech. 
We liquidate / purchase /sell for you/ donate / or Just Pick Up and Recycle nationally and in large volumes the following but not limited to: 
Computer Towers, Laptops, Phone Systems, Networking, Servers, Battery Back ups, Printers, LCD Monitors, Metals, Cables, Unused Toners

After protecting/ preserving the environment, our number 1 priority is making the surplus process as easy and quick as possible for you, our customer.  Our second priority is bringing you the most profit for your assets/office machines/e-waste.
Tell us what is most important to you, how we can help make you look good and how we can relieve some of your surplus/e-waste related stress. We will get it done.
We are the ones other asset disposition and recycling companies turn to for everything!
We are AfterTech.
  1. Our first priority for all our customers, local and national, is the well being of our environment. We ensure they utilize the best, most current standards of destruction and recycling for their surplus technology.
    1. We have a 0 landfill tolerance and policy.
    2. We destroy and recycle per all NIST, DOD, EPA, DEQ standards.
    3. We accept more types of technology and scrap than anyone else does, including but not limited to used/unused Toners, LCDs any condition, Towers/Laptops any condition and much more.
    4. We work with our local communities and residents, helping them to dispose of smaller, older amounts of e-waste and singular items, free of charge, they otherwise have no solution for. We often hear appreciation for providing them this free resource but we very much appreciate their efforts and concern for our environment.
  2. Our second priority is making the whole surplus process from inventory assessment to information destruction to packing and shipping painless for our customers as we recognize how hard they work and how carefully they must budget their time. We aim to be your out sourced Asset Disposition Department.
    1. Services we provide:
      1. Inventory; we can provide a comprehensive inventory for your records in any format that meets your needs. 
      2. Assessment of assets including top bid(s) for buying your assets along with any potential costs/liabilities. We will obtain bids for you from all applicable buyers and service vendors.
      3. Shipping recommendations and savings as we have buyers in most states. Shipping is going to come out of the bottom line whether stated or not for every company. We will get the best shipping rates for you. EXCEPTION: We will pick up FREE OF CHARGE if you do not want or need payment for your e-waste/surplus AND it meets our minimum criteria to do so.
      4. *We can buy or find buyer(s) for your surplus as well as handle your scrap and worthless technology and your metal items. Many companies will not, in the end, take your hazardous or useless technology. The volume of scrap and/or no value items we cant take depends on other the variables of the total package.
      5. *If your company or organization must only dispose of their surplus technology to Non-Profits, we can find a Non-Profit for you. We have found that these non-profit tech departments are often over whelmed with donations from large companies because they many times utilize our help to off load what they can not use; usually e-waste. We can make sure they either get only what they want and can use or they know, once they finish inventory from your donation, they have a place to send or pick up what they can not use at no cost to them.
      6. *If you have e-waste or surplus you want out of your way but do not want to take the time to make an inventory for a company to do so, provided you pay shipping or drop it off at our office, we will take it free of charge. 
      7. Remove, wipe, destroy hard drives, other media; remove company labels and tags
      8. Provide Certification of Destruction and Recycle for media
      9. We provide and Indemnity Agreement which makes us legally responsible for everything having to do with the pick up, destruction and recycling of your equipment.
      10. We can provide R2 Certification for our downstream vendors where applicable and upon request. We, as brokers, are not required to have these certifications but do follow all NIST, DOD, EPA & DEQ Standards.
      11. We can travel to you to handle any or all of these services.
      12. Any other special requirements or requests you have, we will work with you to make it happen. Please, feel free to tell us what is most important to you; what you need most from us.
  3. We get better prices for your inventory than any other company.
    1. Due to our 30+ years in the surplus industry, we have far more buyers and backers nationally than others.
      1. This means we are far more competitive in our buy back pricing.
      2. Unlike others, we can obtain bids for you or buy it ourselves, whichever is the best solution for you; brings you the most money.
    2. We purposefully maintain a lower overhead to keep our costs passed on to at a minimal.
    3. We have many buy back backers that trust us to buy your packages, through many years of doing transactions with them, giving us an extra amount of opportunity to pass on to you.
  4. Assurances
    1. Most of our downstream vendors are at least R2 Certified and often carry other certifications. If necessary, we can insure we use only vendors with specific certification(s) and provide that certification in advance to you.
    2. We provide and Indemnity Agreement, assuming all legal responsibility for the technology.
    3. We provide an in house Certification of Destruction and Recycle, free of charge.
    4. We can provide, upon request and built into your cost or payment, an outside data destruction company which offers individual certification for each piece of technology wiped including end of life status and audit for each asset.
    5. We follow all EPA, DEQ, NIST & DOD standards. 
    6. We are listed on the Oklahoma DEQ site as a recycling resource.
  5. Giving Back / Paying it Forward
    1. AfterTech also donates items upon request to any person or organization asking or in need as shown on our website.
    2. We work with communities, organizations and tribes to facilitate recycle drives and other community efforts
Contact Us
If you have questions or would like a bid, please fill out as much as you can of the following and e-mail to
You are also welcome to call or text us at 405.658.6404 or 405.534.2940 for questions, comments or concerns. If we are unable to answer your call, we will call you within 24 hours but usually within an hour;

(If you have equipment you want to pay to ship to us but do not want to inventory it, please only fill out the applicable questions 1-15. Skip the rest. We will need to know if it includes CRT monitors or Tube or Projection type TVS or understand we may have to invoice $10 for each one in addition to the percentage of them we can accept.)
  1. Contact Name
  2. Contact Title
  3. Company Name
  4. Phone Number/Cell Phone
  5. Physical Address
  6. Mailing Address
  7. E-mail Address
  8. Is the equipment palatalized? Is it packed? Is it packed well? Do you need it packed?
  9. Is the equipment still under maintenance?
  10. Please include the date you need a quote or bid by.
  11. Are there multiple locations?
  12. Is there a loading dock at the location?           What are the shipping hours?
  13. Do you have a forklift?
  14. Do you have stairs and /  or elevators?
  15. Do the machines need their hard drives destroyed?
  16. Do you need to ensure this equipment goes to a non-profit?
  17. Do you want a bid(s) for the equipment?
  18. Do you also have e-waste you want us to take?
    1. How many CRTs?             How many Tube or Projection type TVs?
    2. What else?
(Please include, where relevant, the Make, Model, Quantity, Tag numbers; and if they include RAM, Optical; if they are complete or not for following items:)
  1. How many computer towers/ CPU's?                        
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  2. How many laptops?                      
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  3. How many switches?
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  4. How many battery back ups / UPSs?
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  5. How many printers are Large       /Medium           /Small        ? 
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  6. How many toners or ink cartridges needing recycled with the printers?
  7. How many phones?         And how many phone switches?
    1. Do they include their Cables?        How about their Manuals?
  8. How many LCD monitors?               How many CRT monitors?
  9. How many Tube or Projection type TVs?             Flat panel TVs?
  10. About how many medium size boxes would the remaining misc. require?

Especially include what is most important to you, any special conditions, any questions your have, and what you are hoping for.

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