**Host a Recycle Drive or Request a Donation for your Organization

We are proud to announce that we can now offer to Businesses, Organizations, Communities Free of Charge Electronics Recycling Drives!
Who? The crew at AfterTech and any of your volunteers
What? A Recycling Drive complete with crew, truck & trailer, banner(s)
When? Schedule a time with us....
Where? At your location or location of your choosing and arranging
Why? To give everyone in your business, organization, community a chance to get rid of their old, obsolete equipment taking up space in their garages, attics and elsewhere
How? AfterTech will take care of all the recycling details and will work with  you on the advertising.
Host your own recycle drive with little or no help from us and we will pick up for you free of charge!* We can help with informational materials given a couple weeks notice or recycling standards, best practices, advice, informational sites. 
*If your drive does not meet our minimum requirements for a free pick up which depends on distance, we will still accept it for free when your drop it off at our OKC location. We serve the whole state of Oklahoma and some surrounding locations out of state. To schedule a recycle drive pick up, please give us at least a weeks notice. If you would like us present for the drive, please give 2-4 weeks notice for printing materials, possibly for flier distribution or possibly press releases.

The Community

Our very first community effort was in the form of a donation of used computers to a community out reach in South Oklahoma City. We donated twenty-five used, ready to use computers to a local youth outreach program. The program was designed to help 'at risk' children and young adults. The computers are now being used to teach computer lessons at CYO (Community Youth Outreach) and other fundamental online lessons to members of that organization. The original donors of the computers received a tax break in the form of a 501(c)3 tax credit through one of our strategic partners, White Eagle Ministries.  In some case, we may be able to offer a tax credit to businesses or organizations donating a quantity of technology to us to donate on that businesses behalf or anonymously for a specific organization, group of business arranged in advance.

Request an Equipment  Donation
Computer Donation Request
If you would like to request a donation of computers for your organization, please submit a word document to  Donation@AfterTech.net  outlining the following:
  1. the name, address, phone number and email for your organization, group of business
  2. the focus or purpose of your organization, group or business
  3.  year established
  4. how many computers and/or other equipment you need
  5. why you think your organization should receive a donation
  6. an outline of what your organization would use the computers for
  7. Do you have a tech person to set up and maintain the equipment? If yes, please give us their best contact info and time to contact.
Presently we are aiming to donate a package of computers quarterly. There are a few stipulations for having computers donated to your organization such as helping with the recycling effort through education of your members, using the computers for educational purposes and when replacing or disposing of donated equipment either return to us, give (if functioning correctly) to someone needing but unable to afford.  In the case of receiving a 501(c)3 tax credit through our participating partner, following all rules of the non-profit regarding the disposal and use of the equipment.