1. Why choose After Tech Group as your company's computer recycling/disposal  resource?
    • AfterTech has the best rates for pick up and recycling - Free! (Minimum quantities apply)
    • AfterTech has the best customer service - guaranteed!
    • AfterTech is located in Oklahoma City which is central to most of the states.
    • AfterTech provides an Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement for your protection of sensitive data leaks.
    • AfterTech follows all EPA, NIST (which has replaced DoD), State and Federal rules and regulations. 
    • AfterTech does not require you to provide a detailed inventory unlike most others. An estimate to determine what size truck and trailer will suffice.
    • AfterTech does all the packing and moving and does not require you to palletize your equipment but does accept palletized equipment.
  2. How can your be sure your computer equipment and sensitive data will not be compromised?
    • AfterTech destroys all hard drives unless otherwise instructed to re-use low/no risk hard drives for donation purposes.
    • We provide a Certificate of Data Destruction for hard drives.
    • Hard drives are physically destroyed and melted down with the rest of the like metals unless otherwise stated.
    • AfterTech provides an Indemnification/Hold Harmless Agreement stating AfterTech is fully legally and financially responsible in the unlikely event of a sensitive data leak. We have never had a leak of sensitive data.  This effectively takes the company disposing of equipment 'off the hook' and gives them peace of mind to sleep at night.
    • Our downstream vendors are required to be at least R2 Certified, HIPAA Compliant
    • Our representatives are happy to provide our references upon request.
  3. How long in advance should a pick up of computer equipment be scheduled to ensure the procurement of a truck?
    • Generally, we ask pick ups to be requested three to five days in advance but we can accommodate more quickly.
  4. Where does AfterTech pick up from?
    • AfterTech will pick up locally, sometimes nationally
  5. How long does an e-waste equipment audit take and how much do they cost?
    • Depending on how much computer equipment is being audited for recycle; one to three pallets generally take three to five business days. We can provide this service at little additional cost ($0.50 per piece). 
  6. What happens to unusable computer equipment?
    • Unusable computer equipment is broken down to board level and sent to the appropriate refinery (ie. metal refinery, plastic refinery.) *Most of the equipment we pick up and receive is unusable.
    • After Tech has a 'no landfill' policy. No hazardous materials will be sent to a landfill - guaranteed!
  7. What determines if a computer is to be scrapped or recycled back into service?
    • If the computer equipment is too far dated such as white towers, it will be scrapped as metals and has no service value.
    • If our techs are unable to get a computer equipment running, it will be scrapped and has no service value. After Tech does everything possible, such as replacing some parts, to try and recycle the equipment back into service at low costs or donate when requested. AfterTech wants everyone to be able to purchase the technology now necessary to live and learn at prices within their budgets.
  8. Can After Tech hand pack/palletize the computer equipment for a company?
    • Yes, AfterTech prefers to hand pack the equipment themselves for space efficiency.
  9. What does AfterTech accept for recycling? 
    • We accept everything to do with computer scrap, electronics and scrap metals.  Please refer to our home page. Call/text/ e-mail us with any specific questions. (405) 658-6404, (405) 534-2940




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