*Schedule an E-Waste Pick Up by E-Mail or Text!

To schedule an online pick up, please submit a word doc, pdf or excel file to recycle@aftertech.net with as much of the following information as you have. 

  1. Today's Date
  2. Contact Name
  3. Contact Title
  4. Company Name
  5. Phone Number/Cell Phone
  6. Physical Address
  7. Mailing Address
  8. E-mail Address
  9. Make, Model, Quantity, Tag numbers, RAM, Optical (its OK if you do not have this information)
  10. Is the equipment palletized? We prefer it is not. We hand pack everything for space.
  11. Is the equipment still under maintenance?
  12. Please include the date you need a quote or bid by.
  13. Are you hoping or do you know if the equipment still has value other than as scrap?
  14. Is there a loading dock at the location?
  15. Do you have a forklift?
  16. Do you have stairs and /  or elevators?
  17. Do the machines need their hard drives destroyed?
  18. How many computer towers/ CPU's, laptops, switches?
  19. Do you have battery back ups /UPS? If so, about how many?
  20. About how many printers? Large/Medium/Small? Do you have any toners or ink cartridges needing recycled with the printers?
  21. If you have a phone system, about how many phones and phone switches?
  22. About how many medium size boxes would the remaining misc. require?


Text us at 405.658.6404 with a good guess of:
1. about how many towers, printers, large copiers, LCD monitors 
2. and if the rest were to be put in medium sized boxes, how many boxes would it take 
3. and your general area location for an estimate or exact address to schedule today. 
4. We can usually schedule your pick up based on just this information. 

We usually try to respond within 24 hours. Our pick up fee (if does not meet minimum quantities for a free pick up) locally (Oklahoma City)starts at $50; a little more through out the state of Oklahoma. We can give you a quote for a pick up outside the city. This includes the cost of gas & labor when we can't cover these costs with what we are picking up. Please have all items on the first floor and ready for our pick up crew. We do not haul items up or down stairs or elevators unless pre-arranged. This too many incur a fee due to the extra possible  liabilities involved.

Please feel free to call/text/e-mail us with any questions you may have at (405) 658-6404, (405) 534-2940 or email us with questions at recycle@aftertech.net.         

Thank you!