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**Schedule a Free & Easy Pickup


Our e-waste pickup is often a free or low cost service provided for Oklahoma companies and residents depending on quantities and location. Upon completing a quick and easy site survey over the phone or online, one of our associates will determine how much electronic e-waste a company or resident has; if and how much a fee will be.

We do request a minimum of one full pallet to pick up for free. Otherwise, we may charge a small fee to cover the cost of gas and labor starting at $35 -$50 locally and up depending on how far away from our office statewide the customer is located and if we will have to climb steps or park very from the location of the items to be recycled.

Also, please help us to help you by having your surplus electronics ready for pick up near a loading door or dock with easy access for our trucks and trailers. If you need us to climb flight(s) of stairs or use your elevators, please be prepared to pay a moving/packing fee determined on a case by case basis and payable at time of service via cash, company check or PayPal.

What does AfterTech accept for recycling?

AfterTech Inc. is listed on the Oklahoma County Recyclers page of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Following is our list of some of what we do take/pick up:

  • scrap computer towers
  • Toners used or not; ink cartridges used or not
  • battery backups
  • projectors
  • cables, keyboards, mice
  • anything having to do with electronics or computers
  • anything with scrap metals
  • hard drives, opticals, cards, boards
  • VCR's, DVD's, radios, speakers
  • networking, servers 
  • phone systems, cell phones
We do not accept televisions or CRT monitors at this time. We have been accepting, were the last company to do so and so are very backed up with processing them currently. We hope to continue doing so at the beginning of the new year.

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