Welcome to our newest page!! We love and appreciate all of our fellow Oklahoma recycling businesses and residents whom share our passion for the environment and for our great state of Oklahoma. Thank you for joining us in the endeavor to keep our state green and beautiful!!

Below please leave us any reviews, suggestions or comments you have to make our business better, easier for you. We want to hear what you think. And we want to hear what we are doing right or anything you want to tell us you like or appreciate about our services. We also welcome here questions, comments and concerns that we can address where anyone can read, see our responses . OR, you can also find newer reviews for us on Google and Yellow Pages review sites. 

Following is one or our most recent letters received in the mail from a drop off customer. (Re-Typed..the original was hand written on a 'Notes' page.

-John May 19, 2017

So much appreciate the service you provide. I dropped off some lighting/fried screens/amp a few weeks ago - no was there - Just a note of 'Thanks" and if there is a charge...please bill me. (We do not charge for anything except during the periods we accept the old tube tv's and CRT monitors.) Otherwise, please accept this as my 'Thanks" to you. 

            Thank you so much for the kind note and for trying to pay us for our services!  We appreciated hearing from you very much! We love to                 hear from our fellow recyclers/ earth lovers..how they agree with and appreciate what we do. We want to share these comments with                     others as well.

Ginny Wilson June 2017
 in the last week
I work for a small IT company in downtown OKC and we regularly pick up older equipment from clients' locations. In the past, once the equipment is at our office it's been an issue finding a good recycling place, but I discovered AfterTech earlier this year and they've been so great to work with. I highly recommend giving them a ring. Very communicative, helpful, quick, all of the qualities you want in a vendor!

                Ginny - Thank you so much for the kind words! We love working with you guys!!

Robert C.February 10th, 2017
Have been dealing with Aaron for several years in the recycling of computer equipment. They have never charged me to pick up any of our electronic waste, they show up promptly and professionally. Highly Recommend
            Robert - Thank you for the recommendation!!