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AfterTech, Inc.
1429 N Rockwell Ave, Ste A
Oklahoma City,  OK.   73127
(just south of NW 14th on the west side of Rockwell)
Look for the computer repair sign with an arrow below pointing in our direction.
Call or text us at 405.658.6404 or 405.534.2940 if you need more help.

    We are located just south of 16th on Rockwell and 14th. You will see a sign for computer repair with an arrow pointing in our direction from the street in front of the Masonic Lodge which is across from a new storage unit facility. We are in a the brick office building in the parking lot behind the Masonic lodge. Our  door, well marked, is on the side of the building; the second from the front. We share the building with an AA group which uses the front and one of the two side doors.

 If  all staff are on equipment pick ups or at lunch or it is after work hours, your obsolete equipment can be left for recycle in front of our door, no charge. We now have a 'recycle box' for your convenience. We check our cameras regularly for any suspicious activity and process all items in our recycle drop off box/area at least once daily. However, if you have 'high risk' sensitive information on your computers, please call ahead or schedule a time for us to be there for you. 

Hours for drop off: 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week; no appointment necessary
Hours for pick up: M-S 8am to 4pm
We can also make pre-arranged appointments for drop offs or pick ups after hours during the week or Sundays.
Call/Text: (405)658-6404
                     (405)534-2940 You are very important to us! Please leave a message or text us if we are unable to answer your call.
E-mail: Recycle@AfterTech.net