Services Free of Charge

  • Commercial / Residential Pickups to be recycled with at least 25 *qualifying combined computers or machines in the OKC area

  • Hard Drive Destruction at our office is Standard with every pickup/drop off per NIST standards for High Risk Media.

  • Drop off items to be recycled, Except for Tube/Projection Style TV's & Computer monitors / CRT's

  • NIST compliant Certificate's of Destruction/COD's is Standard with every pickup; please request for drop offs.

*Qualifying computers or machines can be complete or incomplete PCs, Laptops, Macs, Servers & at medium to large sized routers, UPS's or switches and sometimes phone systems or other high quantity items..Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Services with a Small Fee

  • Residential/Commercial Pickups are $65 with less than 25 qualifying computers or machines in the OKC area. Call for quote if further out or if there are more than 25 machines/computers.

  • Mobile Hard Drive Destruction at your office Set up fee $50 plus $6 per hard drive Volume discounts. Call for quote.

  • Recycling Tube or Projection Style TVs & Computer monitors/ CRT's: $.50lb each

  • Audit of Equipment to be Recycled: $2 per item and/or $2 per pound for items such as cables or small parts

  • Additional labor, only necessary in the event of flight(s) of steps with no elevator option or long walking distances, longer than the average room length, may incur a courtesy labor fee. Call for quote.

Items Accepted for Recycle Free of Charge, Drop off or Pick up:

The following acceptable to recycle items can be complete & working or not complete or not working, new or very old

Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments or concerns.
  • Computers,

  • LCD Computer Monitors

  • Peripherals; Keyboards, Mice

  • Printers, any size

  • Toners & Print Cartridge's; new & unused or empty /used up

  • VCR's, DVD players, Blu-ray Players, Tape Decks, VHS players/recorders

  • LCD TV's

  • Networking

  • Servers

  • Household Appliances and tools

  • Lawn mowers, machines, tools

  • Computer or machine parts

Items Accepted for Recycle with a small Fee:

  • Old CRT Computer Monitors $.50lb

  • Old Tube Style TV's $.50lb

  • Old Projection Style TV's $.50lb

  • Parts to any of the above for fee items $.50lb

Old CRT Computer Monitor $.50lb

Old Tube Style TV $.50lb

Old Projection Style TV $.50lb

Items Not Accepted for Recycle:

  • Anything mostly of plastic, glass, paper or cardboard

  • No Hazardous items other than Tube TV's & Monitors which have hazardous components when left to the elements or not stored properly

Please take these items to their appropriate refinery

AfterTech Recycles all items per EPA, NIST, State and Local laws and Standards

Please ask us for more information about Hard Drive Destruction, Certificates of Destruction & Recycle or See 'Useful Links' under our Home Page Tab.

Better Business Bureau; AfterTech Computer Recycling holds an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We've been in business for 14 years; since 2006.Please feel free to leave us a review on the Better Business Bureau Site or on the Google Site Review for now.We will be making changes to this new site over the next many months. Please check back occasionally.