Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is an explanation of our organization's, AfterTech's, personal data collection practices which we take very seriously.

  • AfterTech collects Names, Email Addresses, Company Names, Titles, Phone & Cell Phone numbers through several social media sites including LinkedIn and FaceBook.

  • At some point we will begin to collect information through this, AfterTech's website, via a form to be filled out by the customer, opting in.

  • AfterTech or it's employee's will only use this information for emailing AfterTech recycle ads.

  • AfterTech stores this information only on it's server/computer's.

  • We never, ever sell to third parties.

  • Please email to make any changes. Use the unsubscribe button in the soon to be website form, social media pages or email ad to unsubscribe from our mailing list.