About Us


About us, the AfterTech Family and Crew

We, my husband myself and our small crew of family, recycle all technologies and metals. By recycling I mean that we advocate reducing waste first. Then we recycle via re-use and/or re-manufacturing and donating or re-selling at reduced prices for those less fortunate. Finally, if the product is completely unusable, we break it down to board level and transport to the appropriate local refineries. We have a near 1% or less land fill policy.

We have been the main computer and technology recycling resource for the Oklahoma School districts, colleges & Vo-tech’s for the past 15+ years. We recycle for many of the Oklahoma tribes, banks, lawyers, non-profits and computer re-sellers/brokers/servicers.

We do our best to serve our customers free of charge. If they do not meet our minimum criteria for a free pick up, we welcome drop offs near our front door during or after business hours. Or we can pick up for a small fee. Usually we charge around $65 locally and a little more further out, and depending on the customers’ location. The actual recycling itself is always free of charge for everything except for our Mobile Hard Drive Destruction Service (see below) and during the periods we accept Tube and Projection Style TVs and CRTs.

Currently, we are NOT accepting Tube and Projection Style TVs and CRTs at $.50lb per item. We are currently working to implement a program capable of continually handling the large quantities of TVs, CRTs we receive during the periods we do accept them. Please look for soon and help out in any way you can with these coming projects aimed at implementing a permanent Old Tube TV & CRT recycling program, if only by passing on the word.

About a year ago, we implemented our Mobile Hard Drive Destruction service. This service allows our crew to remove and destroy all hard drives before leaving the customers site. The cost is $6 a hard drive with a $50 set up fee, volume discounts starting at 50 hard drives and a minimum total cost of $100. If we pull the hard drives, there is a $2 removal fee per hard drive.

Our customers are primarily companies and organizations but also local residents that need an environmentally responsible, friendly and reliable recycling resource for any/all or their obsolete or unwanted, working or not technologies or metal. We have a complete list on our home page.

Our Story

My husband, Aaron Shay, and I started our business together wanting to combine our computer skills and talents with helping others and the environment. We were both brought up to believe that serving others and doing something you love would lead to the best and most profitable business model. At that time, sales and service in the used computer industry was changing. Computer systems were shrinking. The economy was slowing. Like many, we did not have a lot of money to start a business. We came to the conclusion that recycling technology at no cost to our customers would be the best way for us to utilize our complimentary computer skills, serve others and help the environment.

It was a slow start. I designed our first web site and started making cold calls. Aaron picked the equipment up. Together we worked on selling what would easily sell and on tearing down what needed to be processed before taken to the refinery. We did all this from our home in Warr Acres in North Oklahoma City, Ok.

Eventually we were able to move the business into our current location on Rockwell and just south of 14th in Oklahoma City. We reached out to and became the main recycling resource for the Oklahoma School districts because we the first and only to pick up and recycle for them free of charge. After that we branched out to other non-profits and organizations. Soon we were receiving many calls for our services and cultivating many happy customers.

Enough growth allowed us to start hiring more help. Because we are a recycling company, we decided it would be nice to utilize local 12 step programs and non-profits seeking employment for folks needing a second chance as our hiring pool. In this way we extend our knowledge of recycling, including computer repair, to individuals whom may have felt less than shiny and brand new. We give them an environment where they feel able to ‘re-manufacture’ themselves in useful ways.

Today we are still a small family owned business but often with a pretty full schedule. We still schedule pickups usually within a few days. We do not charge for our recycling services except for the previously mentioned 3 items. If our minimum criteria for the amount of equipment being picked up are met, the pick-ups are free of charge as well. Otherwise, we welcome drop offs at our location before, during or after business hours. We can also, time allowing and for a small fee, pick up smaller amounts locally.

It’s been over 15+ years now. And with the help of our responsible recyclers, we have processed hundreds of tons of environmental waste. Through re-manufacturing, donating, selling, or by breaking down obsolete technologies and transporting them to the appropriate local refineries, we continue to safely re-direct e-waste away from landfills. We help Oklahoman's to more easily fulfill their strong sense of environmental responsibility. And, my favorite, we help others to afford technologies they need to be able to live in these technologically demanding times.

We are truly blessed to be successful enough doing what we love. God willing, we will continue to grow our abilities to serve as needed.

Please do always feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments regarding anything you read on our site or related. We value all input towards bettering our services for everyone.