Asset Liquidations

AfterTech Asset Liquidations

Let us Liquidate and/or Recycle your large amounts of surplus equipment for you!

Hello to all the rest of the country from Oklahoma

and Hello to all our local companies with large, national operations!

This page is for You; our High Volume Recycle or Liquidate Customers

Computer Towers, Laptops, Phone Systems, Networking, Servers, Battery Back ups, Printers, LCD Monitors, Metals, Cables, Unused Toners

After protecting/ preserving the environment, our 2nd priority is making the liquidations process as easy and quick as possible for you, our customer. Our third priority is bringing you the most profit for your assets/office machines

Tell us how we can help you look good and how we can relieve some of your surplus/liquidation related stress. We can and will get it done!

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like a bid, please fill out as much as you can of the following and e-mail to

You are also welcome to call or text us at 405.658.6404 or 405.534.2940 for questions, comments or concerns. If we are unable to answer your call, we will call you within 24 hours but usually within an hour;

(If you have equipment you want to pay to ship to us but you do not want to inventory it, please only fill out the applicable questions 1-15. Skip the rest. We will do it for you.)

Pickup Location Details & Questions

  1. Contact Name

  2. Contact Title

  3. Company Name

  4. Phone Number/Cell Phone

  5. Physical Address

  6. Mailing Address

  7. E-mail Address

  8. Is the equipment palatalized? Is it packed? Is it packed well? Do you need it packed?

  9. Is the equipment still under maintenance?

  10. Please include the date you need a quote or bid by.

  11. Are there multiple locations?

  12. Is there a loading dock at the location?

  13. What are the shipping hours?

  14. Do you have a forklift?

  15. Do you have stairs and / or elevators?

  16. Do the machines need their hard drives destroyed?

  17. Do you need to ensure this equipment goes to a non-profit?

  18. Do you want a bid(s) for the equipment?

  19. Do you also have e-waste scrap you would like us to take? (No charge with qualifying amount of equipment)

Equipment Details:

For the following items, please include, where relevant, the Make, Model, Quantity, Tag numbers, RAM, Optical and whether they are complete or not with manual and cables.:

  1. How many computer towers/ CPU's?

  2. How many laptops?

  3. How many switches?

  4. How many battery back ups / UPSs?

  5. How many printers are Large /Medium /Small ?

  6. How many toners or ink cartridges needing recycled with the printers?

  7. How many phones?

  8. And how many phone switches?

  9. How many LCD monitors?

  10. How many CRT monitors? (may incur a recycling fee)

  11. How many Tube or Projection type TVs? (may incur a recycling fee)

  12. Flat panel TVs?

  13. About how many medium size boxes would the remaining misc. require?

Especially include what is most important to you, any special conditions, any questions your have, and what you are hoping for.